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Covid Crisis Support

Uniting Hearts, Nurturing Resilience

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When the world faced the relentless waves of the Covid crisis, we stood by the boatmen, the unsung heroes of our rivers, whose livelihoods were severely impacted. Through our unwavering commitment, we provided essential dry rations, sustaining their families and offering a glimmer of hope amidst uncertainty.


As the pandemic's grip tightened, we extended our support to multiple villages in UP, MP, and Bihar, ensuring that no one went to bed hungry. Our daily food distribution, PPE kits, and oxygen tanks became lifelines for those fighting against the unseen enemy. During these challenging times, Sonu Sood's invaluable support amplified our efforts, exemplifying the strength of collective compassion.

In our pursuit of Disaster Relief Initiatives, we strive to heal wounds, restore dignity, and ignite hope in the hearts of those facing the aftermath of calamities. Join us on this heartfelt and organic journey, as we stand tall in the face of adversity, extending our hands to rebuild lives and create a world where compassion reigns supreme.


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