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Support Livelihood - Empower Women, Transform Lives


At Hope Welfare trust, our commitment to empowerment is deeply heartfelt. Our mission is to uplift women and their families by providing sustainable livelihood opportunities. Your support helps us make this heartfelt mission a life-changing reality.

A Lifeline for Women:

For just ₹10,000, you become the catalyst for change in a woman's life. Your generous contribution provides opportunities to women in need, offering them a chance to support their families in various ways. From setting up stalls to providing raw materials, you empower them to create sustainable livelihoods.

The Wooden Cart Initiative:
Our Wooden Cart initiative is the lifeline for 50 families, including widowed women and those facing economic hardships. These humble carts serve as their gateway to entrepreneurship, enabling them to sell panipuri, chaat, and fresh vegetables. With these wooden carts, these women discover strength, dignity, and the means to support their families, breaking free from the cycle of poverty.

The Slipper Factory:
In our Slipper Factory, 30 skilled women artisans weave their magic, crafting comfortable and stylish slippers cherished in our villages and embraced by neighboring vendors and students of BHU. These handcrafted slippers embody the essence of our community, reflecting the dedication and artistry of our talented women. Through this initiative, we create sustainable livelihood opportunities while spreading joy, one step at a time. We also have a Dona Pattal factory which stands as another livelihood initiative.

Your contribution isn't just financial; it's an investment in the futures of extraordinary women and their families. It's a step toward economic independence, dignity, and a brighter tomorrow. Join us in our mission to empower women and transform lives.

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