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Green Group/Green Army

In rural India, we strive to empower women by supporting them through literacy, government schemes, health education, and self-defense training.


In the heart of rural India, countless women endure the shadows of domestic violence, abuse, hunger, and societal discrimination. Hope Welfare Trust recognized this painful reality and embarked on a mission to empower these marginalized women. Through a comprehensive approach encompassing literacy programs, knowledge about government schemes, health education, and self-defense training, the Trust aims to shatter the shackles that have bound these women for generations.

The pivotal initiative, the Green Group, stands as a testament to this commitment. Formed by 15-25 women, this collective voice has transformed from a solitary whisper to a resonating chorus that refuses to be ignored. Hope Welfare Trust's vision is simple yet powerful: to cultivate sustainable development in rural India by placing women at the forefront. By empowering women, the Trust is creating a ripple effect that spans far beyond individual lives.

Join Green Group

“Be a part of the green group which conducts regular activities” instead of “Be a part of the green group which conducts regular activities”


Hope Welfare Trust is a reliable organization, kindly consider making a donation to support the cause.


Volunteering can be a rewarding experience, allowing you to contribute to a cause you care about and make a positive impact on the community. 

One of Hope's most remarkable achievements lies in the eradication of deeply rooted social issues. Where the Green Group operates, villages have become free from the clutches of alcohol, gambling, and associated violence. Children who once wandered aimlessly now attend school, absentee teachers have found renewed dedication, and men have redirected their energies toward family betterment. The local police administration recognized the strength of these women, labeling them 'Police Mitra' (friends) and entrusting them with the task of maintaining community safety.

Hope Welfare Trust's impact extends beyond behavioral shifts. Equipping women with farming knowledge has led to increased agricultural yields and improved incomes. Moreover, the Trust has identified villages for tourism development, offering women an opportunity to host visitors seeking an authentic Indian experience.

These women are not just advocates for change; they are architects of it. Beyond combating alcoholism, they work tirelessly on initiatives spanning cleanliness, healthcare, education, voter awareness, and infrastructural development. What's more, their once-muted voices have become a force that empowers entire rural communities.

Hope Welfare Trust is not merely shaping a future; it's rewriting the narrative of countless lives. These women, once confined to the shadows, now stand tall as beacons of transformation in their villages. Together, they illuminate a path toward progress, proving that with empowerment, compassion, and collective effort, change becomes an unstoppable force.

Our mission is clear: to uplift women, stand against domestic violence, champion environmental stewardship, and provide disaster relief when it matters most. At the heart of our efforts lies the unwavering spirit of compassion and the desire to create a brighter, equitable world.

When you donate to the Green Group, you're investing in real change. You're enabling women to stand tall, break free from the chains of abuse, and step into their power. Your support aids in creating sustainable practices and nurturing our planet for future generations.

The stories of change are as real as they are inspiring. With your contribution, you're fostering education, skill development, and self-reliance among women. You're providing a lifeline to survivors of domestic violence, helping them rebuild their lives.


You're planting trees, restoring ecosystems, and contributing to a greener planet. And in times of disaster, your support brings immediate relief, hope, and resilience.

For any queries or to get involved in other ways, feel free to reach out to us at. Let's create change together with the Green Group!



Domestic violence is a serious issue that affects many people around the world. It is essential to raise awareness about this problem and take action to prevent and address it effectively.

We must all work together to create a safer and more supportive environment for everyone. If you suspect someone is experiencing domestic violence, approach them with empathy and encourage them to seek help. Your support can make a significant difference in someone's life.

Impact of Green Group

  • In the villages that host Green Group, social ills that have continued for generations like rampant hooch alcoholism and gambling have come to a halt because of the proactive activism shown by our trained women.

  • In Naxal-affected areas, the Green Group keeps a sharp vigil to look out for potential antisocial activities and report any incidents to the police immediately.

  • Incidences of domestic violence witnessed a sharp decline, courtesy of Green Group’s activities'

  • Also, cases of child marriages have come to a halt due to efforts made for women's empowerment

  • Due to regular interaction with local governing bodies like gram panchayats and choupals, government schemes are made to effectively reach the intended beneficiaries leading to rural development

  • Also, cases of child marriages have come to a halt due to efforts made for women's empowerment

  • Another green achievement is the increase in children's enrolments in schools

Currently Active in 260 villages

We are Working in:

  • Varanasi

  • Mirzapur(Naxal Affected Villages)

  • Jaunpur

  • Sonbhadra (Naxal Affected Vilalges)

  • Ayodhya

  • Chanduali

  • Baliya

  • Prayagraj

  • Bhadhoi

  • Azamgarh​

Tokens of Appreciation

  • Appreciated By Honorable Ex President of India , Mr. Pranab Mukherjee .

  • Appreciated By Ex Governor of UP Mr. Ram Naik.

  • Appreciated by Ministry of Women Welfare and Child Development by Chetan Sanghai (Jt. Secretary). 

  • Awarded “Real Heroes” by Sony TV Channel.

  • Appreciated by Godrej Group

  • Appreciated by IPS Association of India.

  • Appreciated by Election Commission Observer during Assembly Election.

  • Appreciated by District Administration.

  • Appreciated By BHU VC

  • Covered by International Media like BBC World, Australian Media, German and French Media​


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